Often times, "traditional parenting" may not be a match or best fit for the specific behavioral and emotional difficulties your child is experiencing. We can discuss several different parent-coaching strategies that have been successful with many other families that I have helped.


Many of us may find that we often are worried, anxious, or even afraid of specific things, places, events, or animals. This worry often times may seem uncontrollable and negatively effects our life. If this sounds familiar to you, we can discuss strategies on how to help alleviate this worry or fear through systematic desensitization. This will be a slow and gradual process of confronting your phobia at a gradual pace that allows you to conquer it over time and with much practice.


Feeling depressed can be very debilitating and complex. You might find yourself unable to find pleasure in activities you used to enjoy (known as anhedonia), or to stop being tired all the time, or to stop thinking about harming yourself. Together, we can figure out the best plan for you to start feeling better and alive. We will start your goals where you are most comfortable to achieve success. 


Feeling anxious can be very complex, taking many different forms, such as social anxiety or generalized anxiety. Perhaps you are only nervous around people, or maybe you cannot stop thinking about all the different things that might go wrong. However you struggle with the worry, it can be exhausting, leaving you defeated and even at times angry. Together, we can explore the triggers for your anxiety. From there we can develop a variety of different self-care, coping, and management strategies that will help you achieve your goals, while at the same time feeling more at ease with becoming anxious.


I have extensive experience working with children who have autism and their families. Much of this experience has revolved around using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). However, the type of outpatient therapy that I can provide will depend on the ability of your child. For those children who require higher levels of support, treatment will be focused primarily on parent-coaching. For those individuals who require lower levels of support, therapy will integrate parent-coaching with other therapeutic techniques determined by your child's presenting problems (e.g., anxiety, depression, phobias, anger issues, behavioral issues, etc.). During our first meeting, we can discuss what levels of support your child is currently receiving, and determine whether or not outpatient therapy is appropriate. If necessary, I will be more than happy to provide appropriate referrals and resources. Pediatric Psychology Associates, LLC is an excellent place to start looking for in-home and in-office autism services for intensive level services.

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